Celtic Story Untold: Of Ataegina, Aeron and Epona

MulliensAtaegina hid beneath the mullein leaf as Aeron passed
To slaughter daughter defiant, uncompliant with blood
Of the innocent spilled, infants killed by skilled hand
Of deity so morbid; Ataegina of Spring new-life, and wife
Of sister Epona, ensconced away the daughter Agrona,
For living life to protect from Aeron’s careless wreck
Of violent lust, even at expense of the just who trust
In deific subservience to heaven, ne’er dæmonic turbulence
That shatters peace, scatters love, and batters harmony
Of heaven and earth, and leaves no mirth Gaia’s children
Have known from birth…

persephoneSo Ataegina wrapped arms round Agrona to keep from harm
And all alarm, while Epona stalked Aeron as he walked
And talked of vengeance barring his daughter’s repentance;
But nestled, safely hidden, and suckled at breast sweet milk
Of sister Ataegina with skin like silk, as Epona on-hunted
In determination for extermination of slaughter-god and dog
Of war to even score for murdered, maimed and all ill-blamed;
With strength and bold, eyes steel cold, Epona would defend
Both lover and friend, and end all strife so rife with Aeron;
One knife blow to end his life, to save the many and pave
Another way to brighter day neath smile of moon and stars
So soon to shine, and fresh new wine so fine to mark Ataegina’s
Spring, when all will sing and fresh fruit will Gaia bring.

Now in sight to strike out blight of Aeron’s flight to fight;
Epona from quiver notches arrow in narrow aim to fell her game
In same way numinous warrior would harrow sweet child so mild,
Now resting in sleep in Ataegina’s keep, deep in sweep of forest;
Wrapped in arms and legs, no harm to come now nor cause to beg;
Epona lets fly slender dart to untender heart, and Aeron falls
To earth in splendor terrible with agony scream ~ tis no dream;
Scourge of sky and land and sea lies lifeless for dæmonic flies,
As nefarious soul to abyss descends, sulfuric smoke ascends
To welcome Aeron home where’ll be bound; no screams will sound,
And no fear no more will plague Agrona, saved now by strong Epona
And sweet Ataegina … and heaven smiles for miles for the end
Of such trials…


AtaeginaCeltiberian (ancient Spain and Portugal) goddess presiding over Spring and seasonality, echoing the “reborn” derivation of the name; (cast here as nurturing protectress of life)

Epona — particularly a goddess of fertility, as shown by her attributes of a patera, cornucopia, ears of grain and the presence of foals in some sculptures. She and her horses might also have been leaders of the soul in the after-life; (cast here in role of huntress and defender)

AgronaGaulish and Brythonic goddess of war (and here appropriate daughter of Aeron)

Aeron — Welsh god of slaughter; (cast here in role of unrestrained, unjust violence)


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