Numinous Mystery, Ancient of Ancients

mothergoddess[1]God is Mystery with eternal history, veiled behind numinous mist, of terrible holy consists ~
Ancient One, Birthgiver of the sun and moon, earth and stars, and all bizarre not soon, nor late ~
No date to give in timeless time, when chime of angels in rhythm and rhyme with climb of light,
Did sing to bring first dawn, birth of fawn what danced and pranced o’er hills with fill of joy,
With her Mother friend, and fiend hidden in cave to save his claim upon earth with ne’er any blame
For production of destruction planned in revenge since from heaven dispensed to elsewhere leaven his evil
In four and seven days ~ eleven ~ and he would fell the world, dæmonic high flag unfurled…
Thrones turned stone and dominions did groan; powers in towers shook and cowered in upsurge
Of rebellion of hellions and leagues of the Adversary, while the Crown of Celeste looked down
With frown of wrath, and chose the rugged path of redemption of creation in dark alienation.
And did we arise in Garden sublime, divine prize to hold while whisper-told to carefully care,
Avoid the Tempter’s snare, and happily work without shirk of duty so glorious, for humanity victorious?
But did we rise, too, in pride to take our stride with Enemy ~ mock beauty and alchemy finely dyed
In spirit blood red, lowered head and lulled to sleep in bed of living death and putrid breath?
Ah! We think we are so wise, and blink at the everlasting, shrink from sprits so bright and light,
While we boast of supremacy, toast our short legacy, and cloister the pollution of our evolution.
But God is Mystery with eternal history, veiled behind numinous mist, of terrible holy consists ~
Ancient One, Birthgiver of the sun and moon, earth and stars, and all bizarre … not easily impressed
By swine so finely dressed.



2 thoughts on “Numinous Mystery, Ancient of Ancients

  1. You speak profoundly about God’s transcendence! I love it. One thing that I am looking forward to very much once I get to the other end of this trip…having time to read and absorb more of your writing. To really contemplate and comment.

    In addition to being raised a preacher’s kid I also grew up with an abusive mother. I found God at a very young age and clung to “him” as a grandfather image…strong, protective, comforting. I remember crawling under the altar when I was a senior in high school, in an empty church, and pouring my pain out to God. (We lived right next door to the church where my dad was assigned) I was part of the organized church for ages, even thought of becoming a pastor at one point. About 4 years ago I had finally had it with the “business of religion”. I cannot abide it. For me it has always been about relationship anyway.

    You speak boldly and I respect that. To most Christians I know I seem questionable. I’m not a debater. Just a child of The Creator 😉

    1. Good for you! That’s so refreshing to hear, and so humbling that you want to read more of what I’ve written; it’s very encouraging, to say the least. And I, too, have had my fill of the “business of religion,” so I think I know where you’re coming from! Travel safely, and blessings along the way! 🙂

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