Random Thoughts 08-20-15


I’m not used to changing themes, or backgrounds; search engines or social media; operating systems and whatnot. Not only am I not a technologist, I’m also admittedly non-adaptive … or, at least, it’s difficult. Let’s just say it’s good that the survival of humanity does not depend on this particular homo sapien!

Recently, I wrote a blog about my beautiful state, Alabama, which I referred to as “the maiden of the South.” In many ways, I believe Alabama is socially, culturally and even politically the epicenter of the Southeastern United States … yes, even taking into account Florida, Georgia and Old Virginia. Perhaps I’m being a bit smug? No, I don’t think so; my entire family is from the North ~ damn Yankees ~ and I was actually born in Jackson, Mississippi … and never fully integrated into the South, despite having good friends and whatever.

But the maiden of the South is stubborn; in fact, just plain butt-headed and terribly short-sighted. How can the state hope to close the present budget shortfall by gutting Medicaid and other programs, when this will effectively leave 10s of thousands of residents uncovered, deliver an incredible financial blow to hospitals and clinics and nursing homes, etc., and likely also result in hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals losing their jobs? I really do understand that many Alabamians have bought into ultra-conservative/libertarian lies, but even Edmund Burke warned against making drastic changes too quickly for fear of killing the whole body-politic.

Speaking of Alabamians, I understand that 10s of thousands plan on turning out to hear toupee Trump as he stumps across the country. Not surprising, really; this is, tragically, just about the “speed” of typical, middle-to-upper middle class Caucasians in Alabama: slow and shallow. All the more reason we need to drastically cut football and basket ball spending, and increase funding in the Liberal Arts. Who knows but this state may yet be salvageable.cropped-north-pole-moon2-e1305732610669.jpg

Good and Happy

This has been a good day. I am well on my way to re-entering school to “retool,” and have already been approved for one program. The second will also likely be approved, so this could very well be the beginning of a new and exciting adventure for me. It’s a bit scary, but exciting and, better still, full of hope.

I am constantly inspired by those who have so little and yet manage to be so happy and at peace. They have discovered that seemingly, ever-illusive key to joy, serenity and serendipity. I say ever-illusive, but I know this is not completely true. I’ve read so many (of your) blogs that I’m compelled to say I’ve been presented with this key many times by many people in varied ways. It’s there … hopefully I’ve got hold of that key and am now unlocking the door!


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