Prophets-for-Profit & Blind Guides Guiding

snakeCunning eyes, gunning black hearts; they are teachers, preachers, and sensuous soul leechers;
Ravenous robbers, mind bobbers, they come to deadly deal, sly steal, and horrors to reveal;
Spirit rape draped behind veneer of wicked crepe as they sneer and smear the blood of virgin grape;
While Sélená stands grand on table land with sand in hand to blind and bind nefarious kind.

Have I lost my son when barely begun to reach inside to teach, and abide in love to walk above
Earthen care, to take our share in heavenly prize, and not fool’s gold in pathetic disguise?
And does the wind blow toxic waste of false prophets so base, who crawl behind to unwind
Poison thread to bind unsuspecting head now filled with lead to bring so low, an immortal blow.

Have I lost my daughter to rancid water, foul fodder of religious heresy of the modern Pharisee,
When love reigned from above for so long, where hearts belong and our voices chimed in one sweet song;
Is this now at an end, or shall Sélená send forth holy fire to bend mind and soul, and all remend,
Before peace forever’s lost, to cease confusion of delusion in seclusion ‘neath profusion of lies
… when say we our last goodbyes?

How much longer now shall so many bow and kowtow to prophets-for-profit and evangelist scum-bums?
How much longer now shall we turn blind eye, deaf ear, burn sensibility of genuine spirituality,
All to appease the sneeze of the sleaze whom God ne’er finds on his knees even himself to please?
How much longer now shall we sacrifice child, meek and mild, to the wild torrent of ones beguiled?

Not about God, nor celestial sod; not about numinous frights, nor luminous sprits; but celebration
Without hesitation, to be free to see with eyes wide open, and hear the near prance and happy dance
Of the pantheon of champions of the Everlasting One ~ Spirit and Son ~ as Sélená sweeps
Through stars and weeps for joy untold and bold, and this for us one and all, not to fall and crawl
… ah! will we stand tall?


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