Asking for Feedback

Hello to all of my wonderful readers and fellow bloggers! This is something with which I’m not very comfortable. Usually, I’m the kind of person who easily falls into habit, routine, and “sameness.” Maybe this is just how I build and maintain my own secure comfort zone … so this may seem like a somewhat silly question to ask, but I’d just like your feedback ~ honest opinion ~ on the new theme I’ve chosen for my blog. Please don’t worry at all about hurting my feelings, because I’m kind of swimming in new waters anyway… Ha! Don’t let me drown! LOL  If you’d be so kind as to answer, I’d deeply appreciate it! Peace and blessings to one and all!



7 thoughts on “Asking for Feedback

  1. I am bad and do not like giving advice on such things (else I criticize the life out of everything). 🙂 I do like the graceful look, but there is something strange with loading of the page – maybe just my computer?- the listing of posts seems slow to load and on the right the section “Posts I like” is somewhat messed up. Just an FYI.

    1. I see what you mean… Funny I hadn’t noticed before, but now on my computer, at least, the “posts I like” is split ~ one at top, the rest at bottom of page. I don’t like that; maybe it would be better to stick with the tried and true! 🙂

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