Wisdom of the World: The One Path We Travel

PurpleFlowersWho is this Spirit, who raises kings and clings to the governments of the earth from birth?
What this Voice that begs for the beggar, yet rules all as nations rise and nations fall?
Who is She who enlivens with Life the child, man and wife, and heals to seal better days?
What this Divine majesty that sends the rain to end the pain of parched land, bone-dry sand?

It is the same One who leads along the same path everyone with seeds of love from above.
It is the same One who without tool fashioned our earthen home from his eternal tome.
It is the same One who shuns cruelty and adorns with beauty sky and sea and every tree.
It is the same One who bids us care for nature fair, and wild and free, for child so mild.

So the world is no mirage but numinous collage of living color, barrage of beauty untamed.
So the world is light and dark, day and night, and stark fire glow of the fabled will-o-wisp.
So the world is house for the grouse and mouse, and sheep and all that creeps and leaps.
So the world is painted chariot, tainted by time, charging on in course of life enlarging.

And who are we, then, to fight in angry spite; behind closed doors to whore the poor?
And who are we, then, to turn from charity in grave disparity, and all for health and wealth?
And who are we, then, to point accusing finger at heaven to leaven our hate with hellish bait?
And who are we, then, to despise in self-righteous guise what is given as gift for all to lift?

Are we so foolish, when immortal dove beauty loves, to abandon duty for ill-gained booty?
Are we so foolish, then, instead to save to pave our way to hell with ne’er a thought of death-bell toll?

God blessed them and gave them this directive: “Be fruitful and multiply. Populate the earth. I make you trustees (and stewards) of my estate, so care for my creation, and oversee and wisely govern the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, and every creature that roams across the earth.” And so, too, my loved ones, devote yourselves to loving one another. Love comes straight from God, and everyone who loves is born of God and truly knows God.


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