Wrong Guilt Load to Carry

star-of-heaven[1]Phɶneus —  Oh, indeed, what tangled webs you weave! Oh, how your heart you do deceive! Why come to me for me to relieve? What can mere sprit do, when in healing you do not believe?

Baroseus —  And now I know; why torture me so? All guilt rises from soul coffin below to cast me down in agony of sin I cannot begin to repay even if I were given unending day.

Phɶneus —  Ah! It is not mine, but yours to whip and cry, as you lie to your heart, for no part did you play in his fall, or do you tower so tall in your sight that you blight all memory of truth of what happened that week so bright?

Baroseus —  No! My memory’s unclear, though truth is near, but save me from torment and fear and tell me what I must hear, dear Phɶneus!

Phɶneus —  Listen, then! He blames you for ruining his life; does he accuse you, as well, for losing his wife? And all because he would not ~ or, perhaps, could not ~ work as clerk? But you did not burke this man, Baroseus; himself he damned as he slammed into the Fates! Be done with your guilt and shame; it’s a sham to the hilt!

Baroseus — If so, Phɶneus, why then do I feel so deeply, hurt from head to heel while I skirt round house making appeal to God, and begging to heal, while mind and spirit reel in agony?

Phɶneus — Oh so simple to explain, simple child; you’ve beguiled your heart, cut off the better part. Lies in angry animosity under accusation flies in your face, and you lace it all together into mock-truth as you pace to-and-fro across the floor and say no more… You merely receive it all as given, and thus deceive yourself rather than relieve such burden with but the little knife of honesty.

Baroseus — You are right, Phɶneus! In light of reality, his fight is not with me but with sight of his own flight from his own soul, into night of despair and grand illusion, mind confusion in seclusion ‘gainst what really happened that fateful day. His loss of hire was not my fault, then why assault me with fire of the Liar and Grand Beguiler?

Phɶneus — Ah! Now you see and understand; now you can be free! It was never your burden to carry, so let not heart tarry long with another’s wrong. Dance and new song sing, Baroseus, and prance like happy child now. As everyone else, his life is what he makes and none can shake from his hands what heaven has given to meet earthen demands, for good or ill just as he will… And, so, for you as well, Baroseus.


Picture: Alethea, goddess of truth, found at Goddess A Day


2 thoughts on “Wrong Guilt Load to Carry

    1. Omid Safi’s column was great! I loved it; thank you for mentioning his thoughts on heart stains, and providing the link. Safi is a good writer with good and helpful thoughts. I certainly agree with him on so often waiting too long before tending to and washing out the hurt and pain, etc. in our lives. I think maybe I’m improving in this area! I hope! LOL 🙂

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