Finding ‘I’ and ‘Me’

EyeHow strange it seems that only in mystery
Do “I” find “me,” in the history my soul left behind;
In like kind do “I” show my face with mask
As it is for the “me” to be true to all that we find
Locked inside; it was never lost, just tied
And tightly bound where only some mournful sound
Arising from heart was heard, and that part
In the finely woven tapestry of gilded words and art
Profound; ah! but perhaps here is where “I”
Live and move and have my being, seeing my “self”
Naked undiscovered, revealed behind cover
Of fiercely-free flowing fluid of lively lurid life detail,
Yet never hurting “I” or “me;” they are free
In soul bondage, odd to say, but this IS a mystery!



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