On My Birthday: 45

Pelike_Geras_Louvre_G234[1]Your soul is ere weakened in sole isolation,
And less resolution within your seclusion;
Around you with so many people hives,
Always smiling with sharpened knives
To sever your selfmade spirit-bonds,
On this birthday; you’re forty-five!
And God his chariot rides in high-sky
Of tranquil blue where happy angels fly;
You too can skip and dance, sing to prance
In complete freedom from mock-aged trance!


Picture/photo of Geras, ancient Greek god of the old (or much aging, long life), son of Erebus, primordial god of thick darkness, black night, the shadow(s)


6 thoughts on “On My Birthday: 45

  1. Happy Birthday, Jonathan! A beautiful time of the year to be born and a fulfilling age to be at. It is a sad thing indeed that western society puts so much pressure in staying young and mocks the aging, for there is nothing more beautiful spiritually or otherwise to grow old (or just older) gracefully. Enjoy.

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