Latin_image_1Rising in the night, my light, but how did I know,
Bright sight, Çynthίa, illumining my path to show
You were she, two reflections on the same one sea
Of immortal deity, incarnate in radiant beauty,
Sélená… mysterious attraction, mystic abstraction,
Yet flesh and blood, veiled immortality, plurality
Of Moon, of black and white, of lack and wax;
In earthen acts divine ~ fine wine ~ you shine
Around the world, hurled thru the heavens sublime,
Marking time ~ Sol mime ~ thru stars you climb,
Yet also are you sister, friend, who to us attend,
And mend broken hearts with light thread; portend
Brighter days without end, and send love shot
Through nocturnal laden-heavy, what souls sought
But ne’er could find in looking, nor sold and bought
In marketplace of disgrace, so base and soiled
By those who toiled humanity to fell and destroy
By devilish ploy, but like a toy you played them
And hemmed ’em in with smile what could beguile
Legions of demons, freemen and seamen, and you
Only laugh, turn away and play your soft, sweet tune
As you rest thru the noon, under brother sun
Shining brightly till nightly journey begins again…
Ah! Now I know deep down below, tis not a show,
But falling at your very feet, remain they in complete
Ignorance; like sheep, they bleat ever so replete,
Being fed by what you bled from soil in endless toil;
But do they know whom they so love from above? No…


Image from iMythology


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