There Is A Land…

JoyGenerosityArticleIMG[1]There is a land in which there is no need or greed,
Where generous hands the hungry feed;
Where farmer bands sow their seed,
Here and there in rich, rolling fields,
Where yields are an hundred-fold in sun-wheat gold,
Here in this land where hand-in-hand walk children,
There to play, here to stay for fun begun,
Where there is no fear, no want, no alarm or taunt,
Where folks are fair and ne’er dare to tear
Where love has bound heart to heart profound,
Where above angels astound in celestial sound
Here below where charity flows atop and below,
Where nymphs sing, too, and dance and prance,
Where sprits delight in bright-lit night…
Yes, there is a land … there is such a land



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