Seed in My Life Growing

All of my life I’d lived in fear,
Deferring to those so near and dear;
Not wanting to hurt or disappoint,
Hung my head, bending every joint.
Never did I trust and believe in me;
Shackled in chains I was never free;
Never free to be me and sail the sea
Of dreams under sun-golden beams
With glitter-gleams of so many streams
Of such possibility for me at liberty
From doubts and bouts of depression
Debilitating; what good rehabilitating
Might mean, if only I could stand
Without another’s brand on my hand.

Ah! But one right-strong came along,
And took my arm with smile, no harm;
She led me to redemption, no pretention,
As Sélená sung of the One who hung
To win me free, to spin new tale,
To begin my new life, end all strife;
To stop my prostitution, dissolution,
And confusion, but raise to new height
Above spirit-blight and wicked sight
Of those who would hold me whore
Behind closed door, where they abhor
My best with inflated chest, grotesque!
Ah! Now I soar, among stars adore
Who I am, will be; the world shall see!

(Inspired by The Seeds 4 Life Thank You!)



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