And The Child Shall Lead Them, Part II

$_57[1]Do the birds still sing, the trees still dance in the wind?
Do flowers still bend in the breeze, their perfume send?
Do towers of mountains still stand, the air still freeze
So high in height on such solid might, for lover and friend
To huddle together to warm one another, to affection please?

Do you still laugh with smiles, so young, strong, so radiant?
Do you still walk the miles, talk of change; old ways vacant?
Do you still lead the humble who stumble; the shaken awaken
From slumber of dullness, spiritual sadness, heart madness?
Bring forth latent truth new, to few by few, dear shepherdess?

Do you still lie on your bed in the dorm, during the storm?
Do you still open the book and look, to search for reform?
Do you still speak to the freak, who will not transform
From dominance and prominence to seek as your follower meek?
Strong streak arrogant, thick hide of pride, does he deform?

Do you still have me with you, to see and be someone new?
Do you still keep me by your side in stride; lead me through?
Do you still bid me stay, to enjoy the day, run him away,
No longer pay mind to what ere he’ll say in all to all undo
What you have wrought in youthful heart? Ah! Play your part!



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