And The Child Shall Lead Them

405499_2878394371838_1646114313_n[1]One so young, have you just begun to see what might yet be?
You smiled at your mentor, read from the book, and said,
“See, I told you,” and my spirit flew and all seemed new,
Lying next to your body beautiful, your soul so bountiful,
But what did he say in dismay as together we lay that day?

With dancing chestnut eyes, alluring, you began to pull away
From the one who would keep you in his flock and block
Flow of truth from low in heart, but you’ll play your part,
I know; I knew lying next to you listening, soul glistening,
Youthful welcome ~ you wanted me ~ to see what you’d become.

Revolution is rising; old institution fading in dissolution;
And you will lead us out of confusion and spiritual pollution;
Is this what I heard and saw, what stirred and left me in awe?
Yes, you wanted me there and for him to go, and this I know:
You are young, and on your winds of change new song is sung.



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