I’m Sorry … So Sorry

When I am gone, still will I remain, closer than the air you breath;
No more neighborhood walks, late night talks or climbing hickory trees,
But in the breeze I’ll whisper clear, in sunshine hold you near;
With gentle rain, wash away the pain and perchance even the stain
Left behind by so many halts and faults, and angry word assaults…
Maybe grace will afford me lace to bind broken heart left behind;

I’m sorry … so sorry.

Kept in prison cell, chains of hell, with suffering I cannot tell,
I was never free to be me, all too blind to see so much debris
Left in trails of wasted days, or hear the wails and hurtful tales;
Now no love prayed from above, or spirit dove can for me amend
Broken hearts and shattered parts; take back all the poison darts
Thrown so carelessly, though I didn’t know how deep the blow…

I’m sorry … so sorry.

Now somehow, someday you’ll walk and hear me talk in whisper wind
And feel my love I send in golden rays on far gentler days,
And by your side will I abide; no need to hide as we stride,
Hand in hand, my beloved dear … Yes, there will be cheer,
When I am gone and oh-so-near…

I’m sorry … so sorry.



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