One Sweet Soul-Kiss

Never did Jinn play painful trick so thick, so sick;
Anguish swirled in my mind, twirled in heart; my soul to dark depths hurled,
As my body sobbed, aching head throbbed, and parched lips opened
To tell my tale of terror, of haunts that taunt and vaunt
Dark power as they tower over my self so horribly gaunt;
And what am I to do? Weep but not sleep; scream but not dream; vision blurred,
All purpose curled in cobweb confusion, and now confessed, you know how absurd.
Tell, oh tell, brimstone preacher, hellfire teacher, to one such creature
How life is won by prayers so thin, gross choir din, beneath pride’s chin,
When the One who came from above, came in love as heavenly dove;
Sweat blood in a grove, and interwove peace and joy in the sweet alcove of Jove;
Now here am I, and I you tell to pray and simply pay the price of no play,
To have no say along life’s way; only never stray from what you bray…
Dismay. And now where to go; to whom to turn before another soul-burn,
And will I ever learn? That One so long ago never asked me to mourn to be reborn,
But to love, live and hope; prove thru humility, reprove in mercy, improve by grace.
Ah! You know nothing of this, nor his bliss, and would have me this all dismiss
Ere to descend into your dark abyss! But I have been saved by one sweet soul-kiss.



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