Sailing San Junia Across the Sea

praising_woman_in_orange[2]Am I safe in your ark as we embark across the sea,
Ever tumultuous and frightening, with every wave heightening
Anxiety barbarous, even with promise so sumptuous?
Let it be that your child may see you hold life’s key,
And this journey ahead, for what you bled, is only one thread
Of cosmic grace to find my place, and born anew;
However rages the storm, and dæmons swarm in blackened form,
No bed to rest my head in sunken space; still you lace
Thread thru thread, weaving my story, with waters heaving
High up to pitch-darkened sky, as you bid me bid goodbye
To all known before, now left behind, and I so blind;
Where now my destiny and divine empathy, San Junia, entwined
With rich slivers of silvers and golds, as this story unfolds,
Patterned by eternal hand and heavenly band, ere before sand
Of time did pour, and we left the shore, away from my land
Of habitation to flee damnation to harbor of reincarnation,
Re-into life of completion, my novel written unplanned,
Yet planned for love and peace so grand, in contemplation
Of everlasting joy, San Junia; in most reverent abdication
Of the throne of my heart, as we sail on to unknown parts.



4 thoughts on “Sailing San Junia Across the Sea

    1. Oh my … I just read “The Blessing of Not Knowing.” Tears have welled up in my eyes; I’m crying. So beautiful, so powerful, so true. Yes, may the angels descend upon us. Yes, may there be peace tonight, in the deepest region of our hearts, in the depths of our souls. Thank you so much for the link to such overwhelming, blessed reflections.

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