Sélená: Now Faith Renewed

moon_goddessTerror grips my heart, my whole soul trembles in fear
Because loss has come my way — fleeting securities finally gone —
Day seems turned to night, and my vision so unclear,
And I cry for what I could not keep, and keep my fear so near,
Turn away from your beautiful face, to press on…
On into the darkness alone, waiting for your light to reappear,
But what without you, and all of faith gone, ere do I spawn?
Now I crawl along the wall till fate befall one so small;
Yet strong calls your voice, soft falls your hand; you are near,
And in your eyes does fear disappear; all now made clear;
You pull me safe to your breast, cover me in silken shawl;
Hold me tightly ‘neath nightly stars, and heavenly sphere,
And here now is faith reborn in one so torn, while you adorn
Him in sweet sheet of beauty, crown of air so fair, naught austere
In dream now new, and truth like dew, and ne’er to scorn;
Terror gone, heart free, soul at liberty, and love ere near.


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