Shocked By How Many Poor Are Not Considered Poor

karen_matthews_1210012c[1]Something close to my heart ~ particularly as I have lived it ~ is the plight of the poor. Imagine how shocked I was to learn what the actual “poverty levels” are in the United States! Point in fact, these levels measure not poverty, but dire (almost inhumane) poverty; thousands upon thousands of genuinely poor ~ yes employed and non-employed ~ are authentically poor … but not considered so by the government. Meanwhile, we as a nation subsidize multi-billion dollar corporations in what has justifiably come to be called “corporate welfare.” It’s time this stop!

The Current Poverty Level for individuals is set at an abysmally low $11,770 per annum. For families, it is as follows:

15,930 for a family of 2 — $20,090 for a family of 3 — $24,250 for a family of 4 — $28,410 for a family of 5 — $32,570 for a family of 6

For an individual, this breaks down to approximately $980.33 per month, or $245.20 per week. Many supplementary aid programs, as well as taxation systems, are based upon living below the poverty line. Many of these same programs are denied based upon living above the poverty line. The current levels reflect more than poverty; anyone, or any family, living below these current levels can realistically be said to live in dire poverty. Realistically, many thousands upon thousands of individuals earning income within the range of $14,000 to $16,000 per annum are barely making what could justifiably be termed “a living.” The same holds true for families as well, of course. It is far, far, past time to raise the poverty line to at least a somewhat more decent level! Please sign and spread this petition to compassionate friends and family!


2 thoughts on “Shocked By How Many Poor Are Not Considered Poor

  1. I am from India and I am just shocked after reading about what is considered as dire poverty level in USA. It made me realize how much more efforts we need to eradicate poverty. An income below Rs. 11,400 per Annam is considered as below poverty line in India. If it is converted to $, 1$=64 Rs, Indian poor are living in just $178 for whole year. The below poverty line income in US is almost equal to upper middle class income in India. We need to cover lot of ground.

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