Where Do You Lead? Does It Matter?

Sweet, soft whisper to my spirit, I know your voice touch,
Your touch, gentle beckon leading forth, fire soul-torched
Forth across burning sands with whisper winds and such
As never seen before through blinding light, heart scorched,
And never ends the journey, but where you lead, I search.

By your light, in your sight, through night, fight the blight,
And the arrow’s flight from enemy hand, to run with all might.

Where do you lead now my life with sweet, soft angel-whisper,
With song sung sweetly, guiding me from my inmost chamber,
With world clamor fading behind, ahead your goal the better
Seen but still unknown, in chords gentle-soft, yet bitter;
Bitter for not knowing, while these desert skies grow bleaker.

None could be more base, fear ne’er to face, brave line to trace,
Yet lance in hand and mace you lead, I follow by step in pace.

But where, oh where, do you lead? Does it matter? I’ve found my place.



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