Changing World, Spring of Life

Panacea_Goddess_of_Healing_by_violscraperThis world around me is changing and with it my spirit grows old;
So cold is every winter as the earth turns, nations churn and hearts sold
For sordid boon, all too soon, ere before rush of spring so bold,
When she empties the lands of harlot bands and rotting minds so old;
Then she dawns in gold, healing in her wings; she sings a story never told,
And we are few, born anew, suckling babes at supple breast; her arms enfold.

This world around me is changing and with it my heart is changing, too;
Sweet Panacea draws near, no fear, bathing me fresh in her fragrant dew;
New wine she pours, my heart-soul soars; journey ‘tween hills ne’er I knew;
Sweet Panacea thru dark hole leads, intoxicating, into her kingdom true,
Warm wrapped to rest, safe in her nest, no harm to come in world so new;
Ne’er did this child even hope to live when the cruel North Wind blew.

This world around us is changing with changes we now can barely trace,
As the cold wind blows and death bell tolls for every hardened face;
For crowning spring, she knows, will bring new life to every empty space,
And muted tongues will sing to end all strife, trade sword for lace,
Darkness die in the light she’ll bring; war cease with peace in its place;
So soon buds break ground in ring of birth, and we all our God embrace.

This world around me is changing … ah! Panacea draws near, no fear…



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