Up Into the Sun: Longing for the Child

When I was a child, I thought as a child,Child-running-in-field[1]
And I played like a child, the days so mild.

Looking through a hole in the cloud I saw your smiling face,
It made me so happy, with every line such beauty to trace;
You looked down playfully from the sky and joyfully danced,
And I wildly jumped like a child in your fantasy entranced.

Your Spirit wind blew through trees so wild,
While I chased my dreams a mile-high piled.

Away so far in that big, bright star you led me to a special place,
And who would’ve thought you had a kingdom in outer space?
We sang and skipped, danced and twirled round the fire trees,
And watched in awe the lava honey collected by blazing bees.

When I was a child, so easily beguiled,
Playing so free from the bitter world exiled.

You’d always say the day was for play, with nothing else to say,
So I’d run toward your rainbow with pleasure paving the way;
You’d say I had to leave all sadness behind so I could have fun,
Then you’d take me by the hand and lead me straight into the sun.

From childhood my exodus I made, crossing my Nile
Into the world as it is, still in lonely exile.

Now I long for your days, with such amazing places to go,
And lift my dim eyes into the sky instead of looking so low…
To see your radiant face shining through that hole in the cloud,
To rediscover there are places where joy and happiness abound.

Ah! Sing again your hauntingly beautiful song in hypnotic melody!
Lady Beauty from starlit sky, join the song of the child in harmony!
By trees, flowers, silk air and woolen creatures your lover surround!
In silver stream waters, refreshing, bath me, your grace unbound…

For when I was a child, I thought as a child,
I played like a child, and the days so mild.
So blow through me again, your Spirit so wild;
Let me chase again my dreams, a mile-high piled!



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