Seléna in the Wind and I Fall to You

Standing outside I heard you whispering in the wind around the trees, around the trees,
Rushing, hushing, turning and dancing, ’twas quite the sight to see, sight to see.

And I fall to meditate on your love from above; your wisdom from below I know, I know.
Sensuous angel-lady, erotica-Dove filled with Wisdom sent from above, sent from above,
Send forth in power your opulent Light; spreading your wings, dispel the night, the night.

Whirling and swirling and hurling your words so free and free even to me, even to me,
Teaching gently, ‘You stand, you fall; you’re only tall when on your knees, on your knees.

Calmly I reach, calm my speech; serenely I listen to all you teach, to all you teach.
Inflame my heart with passionate fire that in obeisance I may never tire, may never tire.
Ever fill me with your love that my praise of the Eternal may never cease, never cease.

Commune with you, with me, as a new day springs in your healing wings, your healing wings,
And so am I birthed from your womb to living life with the love-life you bring, you bring.

But take care in my soul walking; gentle in my mind stalking, in my haunted mind stalking;
Fool me not by what escapes my eye, to taunt me in falling to another lie, another lie.
Pity me not to boast at my weakness, nor to scorn me with heavenly host, with heavenly host.
Let your tidal waves of good flow from God, as I plunge naked hand neath your rich sod,
Exotic, erotic, intoxicating sheaves, like ocean surges and storm-sky heaves, storm-sky heaves,
Falling to you to the ground in surrendering sound, with not in the world more so profound…

And nothing more profound,
Oh Seléna in the Wind.



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