Life Maiden: Requiem for Naturalistic Materialism

It’s like a cacophony of madmen,Mad_scientist
Holes where the heart should be,

And they are lonely, uninhabited of spirits, never truly made alive…

Chanting about chemicals and synapses,
Brain waves and impersonal particles,

Not complete; men from Paradise driven, into the Abyss they drive…

And this is not what life is meant to be,
They say; there is no meaning to be meant,

And no mind, no soul, no love or poetry, and certainly nothing divine…

Crushing the world with their microscopes,
Telescopes, test-tubes and petri dishes,

To the netherworld in which they do not believe, our world they assign…

Yet do we hear your Life-Maiden voice,
Carried upon the soft winds of ever-peace,
Promising eternity; and we will rejoice
In harmony with the cosmos in our soul’s release.



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