Mind Melanoma: Love-Fooled Again

mind melanoma,
sick in the soul,
blown apart in the heart;
I can never fill the hole.


fooled again, and everything now fades
and wastes away into nothing…

and dark is the light,
and the day like night,
and laughter sorrow,
no hope for tomorrow.

yours was a dangerous dream;
you brought me haunted nights,
but was I ere born to be so torn?
and left to die in your swirling lights?

fooled again, and everything now dulls
and washes away into nothing…

and the air is thick,
and the soul is sick,
and love veiled malice,
my heart defiled chalice.

no new day springs
with healing wings;
no chimes sound, no wedding rings;
only poison and the death you bring.

fooled again, and everything flies on
and dies away into nothing…

and cold is the blood,
and tears like a flood,
and every word vain,
nothing more made plain…

except that I was fooled again;
you were no more than the shadow
of my dreams with no heart to win;
I was but peering from my soul’s broken window.



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