Wages of Lunacy on Battlefield Earth

Indeed have ten thousand fallen down all around,
While I myself lie prostrate on blood-soaked ground;
One misstep following another, I fell without sound;
Darkness draws near — pain and suffering abound.

Does Sleep she now, fair Nature’s friend,
At last upon this mortal man descend,
With sweet diluted death to still the mind
So troubled, while angels downward bend
To shield him from horrors now left behind?

Lo! Does the deadly pestilence stalk at night,
And terror in the darkness that no man can fight!
Behold, the pale horseman with his quiver of plight,
Arrows striking the very sun to blacken all light!

Haunting screams on the battlefield —
Shattered shield and broken sword —
Smoke is dense and blood runs deep;
Wave upon wave comes the enemy horde.
Crashing I fell and cannot now keep
My eyes from closing in eternal sleep.

Listen! Here is a mournful sound without harmony,
Rising from unknown tombs in earth and sea!
Dead souls lift up voices in the council of eternity,
To clamour for justice denied by heartless cruelty!

Lo! Comes the demon of darkest night,
Fair Nature’s fiend and Sleep to fright
From the man of dust and poisoned blood,
And all the celestial host put to flight,
Lest he the eyes of Peace in rest behold.

And now has my heavenly refuge become my low grave?
And hope no longer lives there is Someone to save?
Must I, too, await relief but in death’s cold wave,
When finally does Mercy silence the lunatic’s rave?



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