Ode to Laelia Selene

goddess_of_destiny_by_yayashin-d6px7p1[1]Will you hide yourself from me, to cast down my love in ashen debris?
An ill spirit not fit for land or sea, will I now be cut from life-giving tree?

No! Young, weak, tender child, tremble no more from fear,
But now in ecstasy in my arms, feel my powerful heart beat,
Pulsing love in your veins, as I catch and press you near
To my bosom and our souls entwine; in lunar passion meet.

You and I were fashioned for one, ere since the world and time were spun,
And Muse did chorus love in unison, ere sun did rise upon earth to brighten.

Yes, my tempest-tossed child, oh so forlorn and lonesome,
So desperate and hungry yet my fruit afraid to consume!
Oh bow your head down; eat and be filled and see my light,
As I wrap you inside of me to break dawn through the night.

Ah, mothering God does bless from above as angels dance in endless love!
Her Spirit adorns creation all round, and the praise of all creatures abound!

Ah, but then who is so fierce as the lion, and yet gentle as the evening rain?
Quite as bright as the first created dawn, yet but dark mistress of the night?
Who is she who has the eyes of heaven’s fire and golden tongue enflame?
Ever so young, an eternal youth, and yet still as ancient as the very light?

Sweet Laelia Selene…



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