Within the River of Life to Love

One River of Life, twisting and turning and ever flowing,
And never changing, despite the winds of change blowing;
Quickly here, slowly there, brackish some and also clear,
Translucent and wholesome yet sinister and most austere.

Yet in warming sun,Top-HD-Winding-River-Wallpaper
Ever-growing life has begun,
And Summer his own course doth run.

Some fight upstream in hopeless effort to reach the source,
Only to tire and weary, to be swept along the River’s course;
While others swim and play and leap, hopping and popping
In the ever flowing current with ne’er an idea of stopping.

Now leaves on trees
They fall in the breeze,
As Autumn reaches rich life to seize.

Not all swim; they are just carried along, ever quite content,
But all reach the same end no matter how the trip was spent;
For there each is engulfed in the Ocean deeper than deeps,
Vast and endless and peaceful, where the sun never sleeps.

And comes now, too, the fair Maiden of Spring,
With never more lingering,
As all her flowers sing.

And I sing and swim; swim as my heart sings
To know the Love who calls and the Life she brings.
There am I engulfed in her Ocean deeper than deeps,
Vast, endless and peaceful, where her sun ne’er sleeps.



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