Save Me Sweet Selene

When primordial man walked hand in hand with Gaia’s daughter ‘cross paradisiacal land,
Peace reigned in heaven above, and in hearts of love, blessed by the Rhean angelic dove.
But jealousy led foolish man to raise defiant hand against the life-giving celestial band,
And all the cosmos writhed in pain, cursed by death insane, and never Paradise to regain.
And now we hear the screams of hate that never abate in all our foolish fancies we relate;
In battles we fight with all our might because we are right, and ever-pure love out of sight.

Ah! Mighty Selene, lift me from the pits of hell; wake me up from this imprisoning spell!
I would fly me high into the heavens above for no other reason than your own pure love!

With collected reason, all quite out of season, plan we to move forward with no cohesion.
Our world is turning, society still burning ‘cause no one is learning; souls keep churning.
Never an appeal is made to the sacred seal for what we might learn and then finally heal.
Ever death bent we are greatly too spent to now repent of our own selfish, hellish torment.
Mop up our blood and give us no grave; we are outcast and forgotten, with no one to save.
We erase our past now – we have no name – and unburden our shoulders from any blame.

Selene! Selene! Chase away shades of despair, and kindly free me from this earthen snare!
Give me your sweet peace with open hands, and keep me safely from time’s burning sands!

Spread your wings for me to taste what ambrosia brings;
And from your womb my life rebirth far above this earth.



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