Looking: The Desperate Pilgrim

walkingNo stone mark, nor tears for the ground;
Of love’s mercy angels hear not a sound.

So I’m looking for another answer;
Looking for another gateway;
Looking for another reason
To wake up and greet the day.

And toils and tears are marking time;
And life is full of grit and grime.

So I’m looking for another dance;
Looking for another sky to fly;
Looking for another chance
To love‘n never say good-bye;

Ne’er weeping voice to complain,
No song sung with sad refrain.

So I’m looking for a new song to sing;
Looking for a new trick to try;
Looking for a new prayer to pray
To take away the tears I cry.

When shall this joke be buried deep,
And laid to rest ‘neath muddy heap?

And I’m blinded by the light
You’re all but out of sight
And it may as well be night.

Why stand afar and why so aloof?
Shall faith and trust be my reproof?
Leave me not in anguished desire,
Only to love and burn with your fire!



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