Christi Amoris of the Birth-Giver

Do you know that ever before I worked any of the great wonders I worked, before by wisdom I fashioned the heavens and formed the great lights – the sun to rule the day, the moon and stars to rule the night – you were already in my heart?

Drawing by: A. Andrew Gonzalez
Before the beginning, end and middle of times, when there were yet no alternations of solstices and changes of seasons, cycles of the year or constellations of stars; when the heavens were yet to be created and the canopy of the sky to encircle the earth, you were in my womb.

Before the beginning of the earth, when there were no depths; when there were no springs abounding with water, and the mountains had not yet been shaped nor hills formed; when there were no fields nor even bits of soil, you, Ionatan, were in my soul.

When I spread out the earth on the waters, and structured the world and the activity of the elements, generated the nature of animals and the temperament of wild animals, and grew the varieties of plants with the health-giving virtues of their roots, you were beating in my breast.

When I dug the fountains of the deep, and assigned the sea its limits by my command, while the very foundations of the earth still trembled, and the beauty and creativity of humanity was still but my delightfully divine dream, you were in my mind, Ionatan.

So, too, when I molded human beings out of earth, to which they would return, giving them a fixed number of days, but granting them also responsibility over the earth, filling them with knowledge and understanding of good and evil, you were already in my creative hands.

When the sun first rose upon the earth and the moon spread her nightly light upon the magnificent waters and landscape of the world; when the first man stood and looked in wonder and amazement with my radiant daughter and crown of light, Kelila Leora, by his side, you were in my eye and eternal vision already, Ionatan.

And when the stars sang, they sang in praise for the whole of creation, it is true … but they also sang for you, my love. For I have loved you with an unfathomable and everlasting love, and so have I ransomed and redeemed you to be mine, your greatest Love, for though you have now been manifested in the world, you yet remain in me … and ever shall, dear one.

I am Mother, your everlasting Mother, and this, my beloved, is an invaluable truth I would have all my children know and celebrate.



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