Lead Me Sweet Shepherdess Divine

William-Adolphe_Bouguereau_(1825-1905)_-_The_Shepherdess_(1889)Creatrix, Creatrix, gracious Creatrix, reveal yourself so clear;
For I am a lost and wandering, weary and filled with fear.

Love untold, so very bold, and never cold;
Dream desire of my soul.
Arms strong, where I belong, nothing wrong;
Passionately I crave the whole.

My Lord, my Lord, my Shepherdess Lord, guide me in your way,
For I have no home, so alone, no place to lay my head and stay.

Your eyes aflame, no blame, no shame;
Deep longing of my heart.
Your nectars flow, not slow, from below;
To be fully fed, not in part.

Spirit, O Spirit, Sweet Spirit of Light, illumine the path of Life
Through this dark and dying and decaying world of strife.

Your veil open – divine parting, inviting –
My desperate hunger to be filled.
Oh! Sweet scent, holy mint, lover’s tent;
My crying spirit would be thrilled!

My Governess, Redeemer, my only Hope, pity this poor soul
As I vanish to nether shade, to the darkest depths of Sheol.

Dearest Shepherdess, I have made my choice,
To follow where you lead, where ‘ere that may be.
Only open your gate that I may come to your voice,
And walk behind you into pastures I cannot now see.



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