Mortis et Vitae in Christo Iesu: Cry and Response

Standing in the darkness, You never notice me,
So when you look my way, dark is all you see.
Cloak of black, crawling neath pale moonlight,
Damned for this life from Love’s bright sight.

Ah, my love, I do see you and see you are blind;
Night for me is like light, and no dark does bind.
With every day and desperate breathe you plead,
I hear and reach and plead you my Spirit to heed!

I dream during the day, living death by the hours,
Till night swallows again, laying waste my powers.
And I curse the coming dawn; must pain reappear?
So I hide in my cave to waste away in mortal fear.

But night will fly away in the breaking light day!
Your fears disappear and clear be made the way,
My precious child of the coffin, and you will rise
To higher sight and songs and life’s eternal prize!

The journey here is long and weary now the road,
Ominous clouds of storm and heavy heart’s load.
But to dance in the sun, and never fear the night,
Wrapped up in your arms, and safe in your might!

My touch and my kiss and all my heart do I give,
To lift your burden and shame that you might live.
You are with me, child, enwrapped in my embrace;
I have always loved you and poured out my grace.

The bank of my soul empty, all investment is lost;
My flowers have faded, and the crops have frost.
My rivers run dry; no sweet bird sings in the sky.
Fallen wounded, healing ointment I long to apply.

One day will you see with open eyes of your heart,
That all your pain and distress were only one part –
Part of one battle, really one skirmish, just fought
In the war already won, the victory blood-bought!

Have I heard your voice and now felt your glance?
Shall I, perhaps, awaken into your lover’s trance?
Lie weary upon your bosom and, cradled, find rest?
That from this war I should arise alive, so blessed?

Oh my weak and wounded love, cast away all fear!
Feel my heart, my life, as I catch and hold you near,
And now in ecstasy in my arms, feel victory beat,
As our souls now entwined, in sweet passion meet;
Breathe in you in love I breathe, so deeply I adore,
And will I myself bring you home healed evermore.


2 thoughts on “Mortis et Vitae in Christo Iesu: Cry and Response

    1. Rosr,

      Yes it is, indeed, very striking and cuts to the quick, so to speak, at an especially personal level for me. I honestly do not know who is responsible for the drawing… I only know that I have seen it numerous times in churches, on social networks such as Facebook, in both print and electronic articles, etc. Well, quite a number of years ago, when I worked for a religious bookstore/gift shop, it was actually sold in poster form. I wish I DID know who was/is responsible; they certainly captured the heart and soul of God’s response to me amidst my own life struggles. As I penned a couple of years ago, or so, “I was desperately searching for the kingdom of God… I ended up in his arms.” So true; still true!

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