One Common Thread


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Is there the bright Light that pierces the fierce black of night?
Is there the Word that is heard above the cacophony of the earth?
Is there the shining Hope that helps us cope with the pain
In what seems an insane world into which we’ve been hurled?

Is there the true Line to be read in the dark witching hour?
Is there the Blood that does not taint but rather paints all
Of Life with humanity and humanity with untainted Life?
Is there the Heart that beats with Joy untold and bold?

Is there Food to fill the bowl of the soul that it overflows?
Is there Peace strong enough to give new lease to new life?
Is there abundance of Good to spread about without redundancy?
Is there the Way to find the ‘I’ of me, who I’m supposed to be?

Before all and after all, there is the preeminence of silence,
But the Voice speaks into the void choice words of creativity
And there is then the Nativity of Life before life and death,
Serenity before insanity, and wondrous gain before the pain.

Is there one common Thread that has led us to where we are
Among the stars, resting on one small bed in the vast Cosmos?
And has Someone said they will heal the ancient scars of war
and seal the new destiny, in which we feel at home at last?

Perhaps … Yes

Note: Inspired by And It’s Dark by the very talented Jyotee of Life is all about PAIN

Say What You Say About Me, About You


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Say, does it matter who you say I am today,
Or tomorrow or next week however bleak?
I am who I am, tis true, but I am not what
I will yet be – the brand new me – you see,
So what you think of me makes me blink
And wink, not sink into stinking despair
With no hope of emotional repair; in fact,
I dare say that what you say about me says
More about you than you really care to say
About yourself! Wouldn’t you say it’s true?
But if only you knew I do care about you
– The true you and not the mask in which
You bask – then knowing might lead you
To showing, my caring to your fully baring
Yourself to me, saying what there is to say
About you rather than saying all that you
Think you have to say about me instead…
So let it be! In truth about you, come to me.

In the Sea of Life


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They said you were cruel, stubborn as a mule,
Getting up from the table when you were able,
But you only did what you knew you had to do
Because for you the game couldn’t be the same;
No more wild cards left, you’d gotten too tame,
And what a shame, they thought, you’d bought
Into a lie of transformation, complete alteration
Of personality into a man of distasteful banality;
But you only did what you knew you had to do
In lieu of the fact you’d changed so much that
You had to turn your back on table and cards;
After all, you were finally able to see that life
Is no gamble and begin to become what you
Were always meant to be in this Sea of Life.

Out From Plato’s Cave


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I was sitting there, fitting of chain tight,plato_360x450
staring, glaring at shadows on the wall,
Some short and some tall but all the same,
With other men and women, ten years or ten
Hundred; what does it matter when batter
Of life is to sit and stare at an otherwise
Bare cave wall with shadows that never fall.

Lo and behold! Someone told me I was free!
No more shackles tore at ankles and arms,
And there could be no harm in standing and
Looking round at where I’d been bound for
So long; where no one belongs and ne’er is
Sung sweet song; now I took careful steps,
With nothing to fret, no net set for trap.

Tis no joke; I was no longer yoked to other
Cave dwellers — brothers and sisters, and
Mothers and fathers — and so I explored,
And nothing bored in any new discovery in
Recovery of freedom I’d never known, seeing
What I’d never been shown: fires burning
On pyres for those who’d lived too long
Where they never belonged; now I could see
What better women and men we could be …

Something new, yet not new, caught my eye,
And I said ‘good-bye’ to cave and so began
Walking toward another light, much brighter,
Stalking the strange creatures who featured
Shadows on the far wall, and I heard an eerie
Call beyond the fiery pyres beckoning me
To respond to an opening that spawned
Brighter light in sight but out of the cave.

Knave I may have been, but how could I help
But crave such bright light, even in fright;
I knew no difference twixt the day and night;
I could only say a prayer and fight my way
To yawning of the cave, toward the dawning
Of new and strange radiance of luminescence,
Calling, but in such power to make me cower.

I reached the opening, stepped outside and
Quickly looked to hide, and no one in whom
To confide; blinding beauty of another world
Into which I’d just been hurled, and so good
As I stood there, bathing in the sun, which
Had only begun to shine on brand new day;
What could I do but stay; I’d found another
Way ~ inside the world, but outside the cave!

Then it struck me to tell my former company,
To pluck up the courage to go back to spread
Such grand news that all is not dead, that we
Might be fed in the land of the living under
Another brighter, mightier light that did more
Than eat corpses and beat shadows on the wall;
And so I turned back with no lack of conviction,
No friction in heart; I’d found the better part!

So did I descended again into the gloom and doom
To rouse my companions from their house of rock;
To led them to higher grounds and better sounds,
But … oh no! They shocked me as they locked
Up their hearts, bound their minds to the sound
Of my voice as if I were a raving lunatic craving
Another easy meal, if I could only peel them away
From the safety of the cave haven; craven fools!

And I could not find the words to unbind their
Souls, and free them from earthen bowl where
Surely they were dying without even trying to
Stand and walk; their talk was but a cheap heap
Of lies, but they didn’t realize the utter size
Of their fool’s pride; they would simply continue
To hide away in bay of dim-lit cave, and I … I
Only wanted to save, to save them from the cave.

ψ ψ ψ

Note: First published December 2015

Good Morning Life!


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For the streams and hillocks and sweet dreams,
Fountains of water, and flowers and mountains
That rise, and blue skies, how could I despise?
For fireflies, moonlight at night, and the stars
That shine from afar; for my friends and family
So near and dear, where is there room for fear?
For perfect love from above casts out all fear!
For riverbanks and the quiet time, I give thanks;
For sunrays and bays and child’s play in the day,
And ballets and bouquets, how could I be hateful;
No! I am grateful … grateful for this and more…
And so I say, ‘Good Morning Life! Good Morning!’

La DolceVita ~ Sweet Life


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Heart in a bog, mind in a fog,
So many bubbles still trouble
From last night’s escapade,
And it’s too damn bad you paid
Such a high price for half-nice
In twice the number of drinks
It usually takes
To sink your prey…
What’s her name? Brey? Kay?
You rub your eyes in dismay;
She’s still here and you fear
She might want to stay the day,
But dammit! that’s not your way;
You bought her for the night,
And she was alright,
Now you want her out of sight!
Time for her to dress
And make quick flight…
Oh, but your head is spinning;
You’re not winning this game
Of waking up —
Your brain baking —
You sure as hell can’t tame
This throbbing in your head
As you sit naked on the edge
Of your bed… Ah! but the pill
That will still all the clanging
And banging in your skull —
Your heart doesn’t matter,
Because you threw away that part
Long ago in the grand show
Of half-life with good times
As numinous clock chimes
With each passing year
With nothing near dear,
Just another night-blight
Of la dolce vita … sweet!

They Are the Peacemakers


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There are those who but smile and tease
And sit at ease in their big armchair
Without any care in the world in which
They seemingly bear no responsibility
Or even the capability of making any
Difference outside of mere self-interest;
Then there are those whose role seems
To be shooting holes in the white sheet
Of peace with the lease they have on life
Without any concern for who they burn;
Their hearts church in danger and anger;
And then there are those pretend to bend
To what is good and right in light of day,
But venom really runs through their veins,
Their brains are ever working to attain
Whatever it is they can gain as they feign
Holiness, hiding malice in callous hearts;
Then there are those who are really bigots
Who turn on the spigots of angry division
While claiming a vision of true equality,
But without the quality of real sincerity;
They are a shame and shams and to blame
For frightening violence with vehemence;
But then there are those who live in love
Like pure, sweet doves of heaven to leaven
Our world with a bit of heaven, to plant
Some seeds of love that will meet needs
In tall trees towering high above the fray
And dismay of an earth in birth of turmoil;
They are the peacemakers — not takers
Or fakers or troublemakers — peacemakers
Peacemakers … Peacemakers … Peacemakers



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Afraid to love,
And love to hate;
We reach above,
And fall to fate.

Afraid to embrace,
We embrace the fear;
No hope to trace
For those so near.

Afraid to dream,
And dream so dark;
Not but the scream
Of truth so stark.

Afraid to walk,
We cower so still,
And never talk
In our hell so shrill.

Afraid to learn,
And learn to fear;
So do we burn
Our soul so dear.

And never we see
This should not be.

Note: Originally published August 26. 2014 

Just Sucking Oxygen


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He’s made his excursion and enough exertion for the day;
Yeah, you can bet he broke a sweat, so now he’s here to stay;
After one hour of exercise at the gym, it’s time to hit the shower,
Then he’ll put on his nighty-tighties and t-shirt, though it’s mid-day,
Plop down to play the T.V. while consuming colas and chocolate granolas;
After awhile he’ll whine and grump at his fine, hard working wife
Because he’s bored and needs to score a few points in argument
To augment his rather bland existence in which he insists to persist…
And really, Mother Earth must practically taste the waste of oxygen!
(Did I just say that?) But couldn’t our fair planet better use the air?
(Did I just ask that, too? Miserere mei, Deus!) 

Peace in Perpetuity: Welcome Eden


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Good folks shooting good folks,
Recruiting more folks to shoot
As they pour out venom in store
From many years of repression
With no cessation, but does it
Make any sense? Is it pretense?
It’s not an easy walk, for sure,
But talk of peace is not enough;
It means taking a risk, a chance
In advance at the dangerous end
Of the gun, son; yeah, putting
Your life on the line as a sign
Of your conviction without any
Restriction that light drives
Out the darkness, that the fight
Is really for life, rather than
Mere existence rife with pain
And agony with naught to gain.
It’s all so insane, is it not?
Good folks shooting good folks,
Recruiting more folks to shoot…
Time to stop all of the insanity
Of gross vanity of war mongers,
Who sit sunny with their money
Counted with bloody hands and
Smiles on their crooked faces!
Time for light to shine bright
In the night of a new humanity
Under the radiance of dear Luna
In anticipation and expectation
Of the coming Dawn of Eden Land.
Say hello to serenity in plenty
In rebirth of old but new earth!
Welcome …!


Note: Having written one poem for Poets for Peace,  I guess it just piqued my interest in finding out how many other pieces I’d already written specifically on the subject of peace. This poem was originally published in March of this year (2016).


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