From Asylum to Freedom

Shattered and broken and hearing voices ill-spoken,
Seeing shapes misshapen to waken whelming terror
In my own dwelling, to chase me to solemn asylum,
Where I would abide and hide from a fearful world
Into which I’d been hurled, its black flag unfurled,
To be found fetal-curled upon slender bed,
With nothing more said and soul near-dead
And what dread hanging in such stifling air
There could be not a thought brought to life
Of any repair made of mind so bounded by horror,
And surrounded by heavy blight of dæmonic night,
And yet I would eventually be free to again be me,
Only better and stronger, with sympathy and honor,
Yet with specters still so close that I will ne’er forget
My time spent imprisoned waiting for funeral chime


Walk Away

Flowing peace now blowing underneath starlight sky,
Though we said goodbye with heavy sigh in the night
Before I took flight to the sight of hearth and home,
Leaving you behind, blind with tears n’ years of pain
Till it was plain that the love we had was truly insane
And the bane of our existence in an avid persistence
Of insistence that our affection win over an infection
Of cancerous proportions, sick and rotting our souls,
While scrolls of damnation were unrolled which told
Of our lustful communion in union with retribution
By a holy institution denied to an increasing pollution
Of our lives, but did we care? Ah! “Nay, nay!” we say,
And so you know why I walk away and cannot stay,
But I’ve left you with this kiss you will forever miss

By the Lenity of the Lord

Flashes of lightening rip apart the fabric of the sky high above,
And the vault of heaven trembles with the cracking of thunder,
While residents below shake and quake in fear near the hearts
That chart their way to caves to await another cloudless day
To escape their graves while God stays the hand of judgment
In readjustment of souls in merciful grace
As the face of the sun shines resplendent
So transcendent above earth and seas, hills and rivers ‘n trees,
And this is living in natural serenity by the lenity of the Lord

You Create

There is only emptiness, the great void as if all had been destroyed,
Nothing employed throughout time and space in pace with nothing;
And all is hollow, surrounded by some numinous shell that is hell…
But then you speak and the sharp peak of light appears here
To sear the darkness, and something begins to take shape
That the nothing can escape, and there is suddenly living life
Filling time and space with the chime of the divine sounding
And pounding, pulsating throughout the fresh air so free and fair;
So, too, you speak into those poor souls caught in mere existence
In persistence of lifeless churning in the void of empty moments,
Breathing the power of life where there was only death by the hour,
And then it is the flower of spirit rises from the ashes and blooms;
You create what is great as your own self-given mandate of love
From above that shoves aside the emptiness with its high pride…
You create and satiate the gnawing appetite for truly alive life…
Yes, you create … You create


In the Shades of Shadow Trees

Shadows passing shadows in the shades of shadow trees,
And life is like a vapor, a mostly ghostly shadow show,
And again does the church bell toll for yet another soul
That never really lived but finally died in vacuous pride
After casting aside hope for meaning to reside in shades
That weighed nothing because he was afraid of solidity,
Choosing instead a sickly flaccidity with heart cupidity,
And now the gray coffin is lowered into the black earth,
To the very place that will give rest to all of his worth,
Accumulated from cradle to the grave for such a knave;
But are we any different in our deference to existence?
No, we should know we’ll need some savior some day.