Addiction to Poisoned Person

Prediction of addiction is total destruction
Abdication of the soul with no reconstruction
Abandon all of the demands of true reality
Senility of the mind in the bind of death trap
Leave what is behind for your kind of hell
Hear bells toll as fire lights your funeral pyre
Will you ask if he was worth the birth of pain
And what do you gain from being so insane
Straight lane to perdition in your condition
Contrition gone in submission to your position
Admonition unheeded in sedition of the soul
Petition the mortician for removal of remains
Your end has come, no more bends in the road
Bid farewell to the last chance given to dance
Liberty is now but memory by your treachery

Caught in Tangled Webs

And the Innocent Weep

Oh, indeed, the tangled webs people weave
To only end in grieving so many innocents!

Married man is attracted to woman with boyfriend,
And he sends her many messages of romantic love,
Which she happily receives like an harmless dove,
Never dissuading him, though not quite persuading

Married man calls her and this does not appall her;
No, she talks to him and never balks at his advances;
She calls him ‘sweetie’, never blackballing this man,
She even lunches with him, adding to a lustful hunch

Married man is excited and delighted in his progress
While she vindicates herself as being ‘only a friend,’
But indicates she would certainly like to go out again,
And the man begins to imagine his romantic chances

Ah! but he is caught and so is she … now what will be?
Now the woman turns as a viper ‘n burns against him;
She shouts harassment from the basement of her soul
And pretends that she only intended to help this man

She even has the audacity to claim her mate knew it,
Yes, knew all about it, telling her lies, selling her soul;
But her bowl of bold statements is filled with holes,
And the man’s wife knows as reality grows upon her

Oh, indeed, the tangled webs people weave
To only end in grieving so many innocents!

Intricate, intimate ligaments that bind and destroy
Leaving victims broken with only sham tokens of . . .
Forgotten love??? Yes, forgotten and forsaken, too;
Both were wrong; will they end where they belong?

Oh, indeed, the tangled webs people weave
To only end in grieving so many innocents!

How I Long for Your Emerald Eyes

Oh how I long for your emerald eyes that spy the essence of my soul!
Oh how I yearn for your gently strong touch that makes my heart burn!
You are so beautiful to me, like stars and moon, and waves of the sea;
When night rolls around, I am tight in bed, I cannot sleep without you,
As all comfort comes from you and peace, serenity and security, too;
So when you feel distant I am persistent in calling you to come again
To wrap your arms about me and lull me with the sound of your voice;
You are my one and only choice in life, and life with you is my only life;
You are paradise, the finest of spice and all things nice and beautiful!
Hear my prayer, then, that I breathe with the very air surrounding me!
Come this night, too; cure my plight and blow away all of the blight . . .
Oh how I long for your emerald eyes that spy the essence of my soul!

Bid Farewell to Your Monster

Does the monster wander back to try to conquer,
To conjure up fears like a stalker from your past?
Even though you have commanded him to leave?
Stand strong, reprimand and demand the demon
Never return; be brave; allow your heart to burn!
Remember that the monster has no right
To cause you fright or to blight your day!
He has no place in this space you call your home;
He has no authority nor any priority in your life;
He has no power over you to tower o’er the soul;
Be finally done with him, then, and let not his sin
Any more room in your heart again to tear apart!
Make him to hear your clarion call
To have him gone once and for all!
Be rid of the demon as you bid your final farewell!
Say your final ‘goodbye’ to the nefarious monster!

Today is the Day

Yesterday is a stream already flowing into the ocean,
Tomorrow is but a dream still blowing in the wind,
But today, my friend, is the cream of life to be drunk
Without being sunk into despair in the affair of living;
Today is a moment of prayer, repair and the welfare
Of your soul, which can be a bowl of poison or good;
What do you choose? To gain thru your pain or lose?
. . .
Yesterday is a stream already flowing into the ocean,
Tomorrow is but a dream still blowing in the wind,
But today, my friend, today . . . today . . . this one day

Do Not Despair, There is Hope for Repair

Terrified soul curled up in the corner like a foreigner to life itself,
Your very own emotions have caused an unbelievable commotion
Inside your mind to bind you in confusion and rank desperation;
Ah! But there is reparation for all of your pain and your suffering,
And there is One who understands and cares, who can help you
Bear your burden, bringing bright light into your darkened spirit;
And there are many, many others who care and will help you bear
With piety your burden of overwhelming depression and anxiety;
You are not alone though you are prone to feel exactly this way . . .
But, maybe, you’ve not been shown that others’ll hear your groan
And respond in compassion, support, affection ‘n love from above;
Do not despair! There is help to repair your ill-damaged psyche!
Pray, pick up the phone and much-needed help will be on the way!

Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255
Veterans Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255
Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233

Seven Day Poem (Day Seven)

On November 29th I began a seven-day poem with one stanza, and committed to adding one each day thereafter for seven days. Well, this is Day Seven. (For more info on why I’ve done this, please read my previous article.) Now in the end I have one whole poem with seven stanzas, each one having been written on a different day… How do you think it turned out? I believe this was a good discipline in helping sharpen my creative skills; I also believe that, all in all, this poem is consistent and cohesive … but, again, what do you think? And do you think you might like to try something like this? Go ahead! Give it a go!

Seven-Day Poem

You intrigued me by being intrigued by me
As I wondered, ‘how can this possibly be?’
Am I to have another ‘she’ in my poor life
And will it be but another knife to my soul?

Now part of my heart feels young once again
As I begin to ponder all of the possibilities
But reality attacks and smacks me in the face
Reminding me of my actual place in this life

I am not really old but I am growing old
And though my heart is warm, my body is cold;
And I have not the strength to chase rabbits,
Or to form new habits or weather the storm

But you, you would shove all else aside for love,
To drink deeply from the rich cream of full life,
To fulfill your most cherished childhood dreams,
And no team of strong stallions can tear you away!

You deny reality staring you straight in the face
As you pace back and forth considering the worth
Of a bond newly birthed in raw desire unearthed
Never thinking we’ve nothing to give for this to live

But roses still bloom in season for good reason,
And then their beauty fades, having bade farewell,
And those roses do die and never try to live on and on;
Ah! There truly is propriety in the society of life!

So now, even as my heart dances and soul prances,
Truth lances illusory dreams and advances reality;
What seems so lovely and beautiful is found only
In the crucible of fantasy and is simply not to be . . .

Note: Thank you to Maja at  Business in Rhyme for inspiring me to take up this challenge! By the way, her own 31-day poem is progressing very nicely, so if you haven’t done so, you should check it out! Blessings!