My River of Delight

I see you standing right beside me
I look into your bright emerald eyes,
And I hear your strong, lovely voice,
And I have no choice but to love you;
You are my endless river of delight,
Giver of light, my bright morning star;
You are the fairest of ten thousand,
And the sound of your words are music
To my soul as angels stroll around us,
And roll beauty into beauty in you
And me for all of the world to see,
And so let it be . . . So let it be . . .

The Christ Sonnet

Thou knowest thy love is enfolded within my breast
That come the tempest of life I shall pass thy test,
And shall rest me in thine arms safe from all harms,
For thou art my all in all, best of all heavenly charms,
And thy grand love for me I know full well and sing
In great cathedrals for thou art love and love ye bring
To even me in fullest measure as an ethereal treasure,
And shall I despise what thou givest for my pleasure?
Nay! Nor shall I turn away from thine eyes of passion,
But shall forever behold thee in greatest compassion,
For thou didst endure scorn and bloody tree for me!
Seest thou my passion for thee and let us united be!
For at thine altar fine do I pay my vows of loyalty
To be but one with thee and thee with me in royalty!

Hope Is . . .

Hope is a little word but strong;
Hope is a bird that brings song
Into our heart and only departs
When we stop singing
And no longer cling to her,
But hope is ever ready to return
To light fire in our souls to burn
Away the dross of despondency;
Hope is what keeps us all afloat;
Hope is a well-built, sturdy boat;
In the symphony of all life itself,
Hope is the key note . . .
Hope is a little word but strong

An igNoble Sonnet

Hast thou bequeathed thy love to another?
Perchance given thy heart to my brother?
And wouldst thou be so cruel as to leave me
Forsaken of all love as if dead to thee?
Oh, how high and haughty thou hast become
To be so naughty to leave me thus lonesome!
May the gods smile upon this wretched soul,
And Panacea apply her balm to fill this hole
Thou hast left in mine own heart torn apart!
Ah! The game of romance is such deadly art,
And I not an artist be, so thou must see
What great extent is thine own cruelty;
Yet shall ye turn away thine eye from me
For the sake of playing harlot so shamelessly?

Note: This is my own paltry attempt at Shakespearean sonnet, being 14 lines with 10 syllables per most lines… Try it at least once, right?


Take these hands and curl them round about the handles of the plow;
Take these knees and teach them in awed reverence to bend and bow;
Take these eyes and open them so the world of suffering they can see;
Take these ears and unclog them so the cries of pain they can hear;
Take these tears and let them be for washing feet with every heartbeat;
Take these lips and set a coal to purify them for a kiss they never miss…

Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison

Take this mind and let it find your favor to unbind from wasted trash;
Take this heart and teach it to love with unbounded love from above;
Take this soul and fill the hole from your overflowing heavenly bowl…

Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison


Note: Inspired by “Yahweh” (an ancient Hebrew name for God) by the rock-n-roll band, U2, and originally published in May 2016, now republished due to some renewed interest. The phrase, “Kyrie eleison,” is an ancient Greek prayer simply meaning, “Lord, have mercy.” Blessings to all!

Sail Away, Return

Ah, you had to sail away that day, I know;
I was there at the bay to say fare-thee-well
With all of the others watching you board,
But with no lack of enthusiasm
You granted you would be back,
Yet tears still freely flowed as you set sail
In your great galleon, mighty sea stallion,
Off toward far horizon . . .
Oh, and it has been many long years now
And hear little talk of your return
As people balk at the very notion,
But I know and so I set my eyes each day
Upon the horizon as I meditate at the bay,
And here I’ll stay as this has been my way
For days upon days because I do know
You will show your beautiful face again,
For just as surely as you had to sail away,
So it is as certain that you will return . . .
One day, my Love, one brightly lit day!

Return, O Lover, Return

Oh, has part of my heart moved so far away
To decrease my peace in your fair bosom?
Ah! How my soul minds this kind of absence!
It is the essence of loneliness
Out from the madness of love!
Come back, Lover, and again hover over me,
Or shall I die as I lie awake for your sake?
You’re like a rose that knows when to bloom,
So blossom in me once again
So I’ll cease to strain in pain!
I cannot stand the distance in this existence,
And so I persist to insist upon your return!
Come back to me and let me see you again;
Come back and fill me with the love I lack!
Or has part of my heart moved too far away?
If so, then the day will end in restless dismay
And I’m afraid I will stray even further away!
Return, oh return to this heart that burns . . .
For you . . . for you!

Note: Originally published in November 2016, now republished for the enjoyment of new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!